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Feb 18, 2023

A 10th historical marker for Chowan Discovery.

Last week, we unveiled Chowan Discovery's 2nd North Carolina Civil Rights Trail marker in Kinston, NC. In the early 1960’s, high school students, guided by Annie Whitehead and Alice Hannibal, held sit-ins in downtown Kinston. The result was the lessening of racial discrimination practices. Chowan Discovery worked with Whitehead’s son, Reverend Roosevelt Whitehead, to install the marker for the sit-ins. Reverend Whitehead is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Winton, NC. This marker is Chowan Discovery’s 10th historical marker.

The marker is provided by the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission and the William G. Pomeroy Foundation. Chowan Discovery has plans for more markers.

Photo by Carol Joice; left to right: Angela Thorpe, Director of the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission, me and Reverend Roosevelt Whitehead.

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