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Eulogy for Winton's Lt. George Jones, C.S. Brown '38 written by Annie Walden Jones in 1945.

WRITINGS related to the Winton Triangle

Hertford County's first public librarian who founded a bookmobile service. This paper was written for the Library History Round Table's Black Librarians History Project.
This paper is a result of Chowan Discovery's first research findings of the pensions of Civil War soldiers of color related to the Winton Triangle.
A summary of Winton Triangle history published in 2010.  An expanded version is forthcoming.
Speech for C.S. Brown Founders’ Day, given at the C.S. Brown Cultural Arts Center and Museum, Winton, NC, March 28, 2021
Twenty-six Hertford County soldiers who served in Texas at the time of Juneteenth.  Given at Murfeesboro's
first Juneteenth program in 2021.

"A Chowanoke Family - A Tale of Four Centuries", originally published on the website, a forerunner of Chowan Discovery.

 Joseph P. Weaver describing the new Hampton Normal School in 1868.
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