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Raleigh Museum takes Winton Triangle Tour

Jun 1, 2024

Staff from the City of Raleigh Museum contacted Libby Jones of the Winton Historical Association to inquire about Winton's Lydia Walden and her husband, Dr. Manassas T. Pope of Rich Square. Their home, the Pope House Museum, is part of the Raleigh museum.

Lydia Walden, born around 1868, graduated from Shaw University and was one of the first teachers at Winton's Chowan Academy at its founding in 1886. Pope, a fresh out of Shaw's Leonard School of Medicine, practiced medicine and also taught at the academy. Later that year, Pope and she married and moved to Raleigh. Lydia taught at Shaw while Manassas continued to practice medicine and pursue political and business leadership. He served in the Spanish-American War and ran for mayor in 1919, a bold move in the Jim Crow south.

I hosted a Winton Triangle tour for four members of the museum staff, showing where Lydia's are parents buried, the probably site of her wedding at Pleasant Plains School House, the original Chowan Academy classroom building on Winton's Weaver Street, the C.S. Brown campus, and the home of Lydia's sister, Annie Walden Jones.

Chowan Discovery’s Winton Triangle tours are given to history professionals and journalists.

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